Campine is synonymous with development for over 100 years!

Campine has a high reputation for reliability and credibility in the non-ferrous and plastics industry developed by its employees' expertise since 1912.
Forward-looking thinking and innovation are core values of the Group.

We are Campine.
We are committed & competent.

For Campine, environmental awareness and safety are not just a parameter of our business, they are the very basis of our business.


Our Lead Recycling BU provides solutions for the recycling of all types of lead waste streams, typically closing the loop from spent batteries to brand new batteries.

We continuously invest in our lead recycling process to make it one of the world's most performing ones, and ahead of the strictest environmental norms in terms of air, water and soil emissions.


Campine's Antimony and Plastic BUs keep investing in the development of market leading flame retardant solutions in the form of antimony trioxide and diverse flame retardant masterbatch solutions.

These solutions are indispensable for the fire safety of modern materials, notably in the construction, automotive, electronics & electrical industries.


In partnership with its suppliers, customers and other partners, Campine stands ready to meet the needs of a global developing economy, to deliver ever more performing solutuions, and to meet ever more stringent safety regulations.