Campine offers Antimony trioxide and Antimony pentoxide products as flame retardant synergist in plastics.

The Campine Antimony trioxide range has a number of unique features in terms of easy, cost-efficient and safe product handling: optimal flowability and dust avoidance !

We offer the full range of products to make your operation efficient: powder, wetted powder, dispersed powder and granulated masterbatch.

When you opt for a masterbatch solution or a wetted powder solution, we premix the powder in a polymer or the plasticizer of your choice ! This allows you to handle the antimony trioxide in the most cost-effective and convenient way :

  • A wetted powder reduces particle residues in bags and creates considerable savings in your plant.
  • A granulate is an excellent format to gain efficiency in compounding, as the particles are pre-wetted and homogeneously distributed in the polymer of choice. It is easy for dosing in your extruder and dust-free.


Campine also offers the full range of antimony trioxide particle sizes to create controlled tinting in your polymer and optimize your costs through pigment load reduction !

How to select the best grade for your application ?

The large particles in Campine Z or LT grade allow considerable reduction in pigment loading for colored parts.
The larger particles also create a higher transparency for non-pigmented films. The optical performance created by these large particles is a win in multiple applications !

The smaller particles offer a large specific surface in contact with the Flame Retardant additives, creating a highly effective synergistic effect in flame retardancy.

The wetted grades enable a homogeneous particle distribution and an intimate contact with the polymer and plasticizer. We are offering the particles wetted with the plasticizer of your choice !

The MT grade offers the best balance of processability (viscosity) and synergistic efficiency for the fire retardancy of thermoplastic  polymers for extrusion applications.

Campine also offers antimony pentoxide with ultrafine particles for flame retardant applications where a fine distribution of the antimony synergist is necessary in a thin coating for textile or film.

Also in fibres and filaments the ultrafine particles of the pentoxide bring an advantage in terms of homogeneous particle distribution with uniform outlook.

ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE Flame Retardant grades:

  • ATO powder
  • ATO wetted powder
  • ATO pasta/dispersion
  • ATO concentrates in plastics


  • APO colloidal solutions


Campine offers antimony trioxide for application as a polycondensation catalyst in PET polymerization (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) with good solubility in MEG (MonoEthylene Glycol).


Campine offers:

  • High purity grades of antimony trioxide guaranteeing an efficient catalytic activity for all types of PET grades used in bottles, films and fibres.
  • Unique grades for faster processing in the stretching phase of films & fibres and blowing phase of parts are available.

The wetting with Methyl Ethyl Glycol (MEG) makes the calalyst “easy to use” into the polymerisation process, with low risk for dust.


  • ATO powder: CS, CD, CK purity
  • ATO wetted powder: CS, CD, CK with MEG



Campine N, XP & MT powder grades are an excellent fit for building into pigment applications.

On top of these standard grades, Campine has the ability to make customised grades by adjusting the product exactly to your needs to facilitate the calcination process for integrate the antimony trioxide into the crystal structure of the pigment.

Campine's grades for Glass & Ceramics benefit from our excellent quality control system, whereby the colour of our products is precisely specified and monitored.